5 FAQs About UPVC Windows

The increase in the number of people using UPVC windows users has attracted interest from most homeowners. UPVC windows are commonly referred to as vinyl windows. Many people do not know much about these types of windows making it necessary to highlight some of the top questions that homeowners ask regarding UPVC windows. Here are five common concerns about vinyl windows.

Frequently Asked Questions about UPVC windows

Are UPVC windows energy efficient?man opening window

A common concern about UPVC windows is about their energy efficiency. This is a common question since most sellers of UPVC windows base their sales on this fact. It is true that UPVC windows are energy efficient. They are good at heat retention. This means that a homeowner with UPVC windows will use less energy and thus consume less fuel.

Can you install UPVC windows on your own?

Installing UPVC windows on your own is possible if you have the right skills and tool for the job. However, this is not recommended if you want to make the best out of your UPVC windows. You will need to identify a good double glazing window installer like Glasgow upvc windows company. You might incur some installation costs  by working with professionals, but the results will be much better than doing it yourself.

Do UPVC windows have a lock?

When buying UPVC windows, you will also get locks. The locks are part of the windows, and you should not pay for them separately. Again, this needs you to use an experienced double glazing window installer who will help you get the best UPVC windows with all the needed accessories.

Why are UPVC windows very thick?

 UPVC windowOne of the main features of UPVC windows is their thickness. On average, a UPVC window has an overall thickness of about 28mm. This thickness is important for some reasons. Firstly, it helps in heat retention, which is crucial in reducing energy consumption. Secondly, the thickness helps in noise cancellation.

Are these windows affordable?

These windows are affordable to every homeowner. You only need to find a double glazing company that will help you find affordable UPVC windows. Such a company should also offer affordable installation services. Therefore, the overall price will be fair to you. Furthermore, there is great return since UPVC windows help in raising the market value of a home.